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Great Ideas for Better Living
Bright Ideas For
Better Living

It's amazing the impact that light and lighting has in our homes and in our lives! It is the single most important element in any room…

Lighting Your Way
to Better Vision

As we get older, nothing is more frustrating than not being able to see as well as we used to. An eye examination and new glasses can be a big help, but proper lighting is just as critical...

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Universal Design features that make a “Smart Design Livable Home”
Comfortable – Beautiful – Functional – Affordable – Energy Efficient

A manufactured home on property with beautiful landscaping.

Livable Homes
The "Livable Home" is a home that maximizes successful independent living for all family members.  It is a home that actually makes it easier for us to perform everyday living tasks and activities with a minimum amount of effort and with maximum safety.  It is a “smart home” built in such a way as to operate efficiently, enjoyably, and economically.

Livable Homes incorporate certain functional and esthetic Universal Design features that help make them usable, to the greatest extent possible by everyone regardless of their age, size, level of ability, or preference…at all stages of life!

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